Annual Report

Is It Magic?

Welcome to dpa’s Magic Marketplace!

dpa is changing fast. For decades the news agency was a straightforward content supplier, now it is becoming more and more of a platform, a genuine marketplace that provides media professionals and communications experts with the products and services they need. They can exchange ideas, locate technical solutions and interfaces, find out where workflows are supported and much, much more.

Of course, our marketplace remains wide open for other providers and partners. The key to this special marketplace is the dpa ID. Having one unlocks the whole world of dpa’s Magic Marketplace.

But why do we call it “magic”? Quite simply because it offers a range of “Magic Services”. Magic Services are out of the ordinary. They offer exceptional gains for customers. Using our Magic Services means you can boost turnover and cut costs.

Magic Services are also remarkably simple to use. They invite collaboration. Or just try switching your perspective: Today’s users can soon be providing their own Magic Services on dpa’s platform.

In a nutshell, everything we offer in our marketplace must measure up to the question: “Is it magic?” and the answer must be a resounding “yes”.

You see, for us “magic” goes beyond expectations.

Just step inside!