Annual Report

Depreciation and amortisation was 2.7 million euros, down 0.2 million euros compared to the previous year’s level.

Other operating expenses fell by 0.3 million euros to 20.1 million euros. The cyclical discontinuation of expense allocations for major sporting events, a significant decline in value adjustments combined with sustained savings in communication and premises costs played a major contribution in this respect. As expected, technical consulting and operating costs rose noticeably in order to accelerate key innovation projects.

The financial result amounted to 14.5 million euros after 14.7 million euros in the previous year and thus fell slightly overall by around 1.0%. The absence of a high one-off dividend payment from the news aktuell (Schweiz) AG holding in the previous year and a write-down on the book value of an investment company made necessary by its current lower earnings prospects were almost entirely offset by the significantly higher income gained from subsidiary profit transfer.

This resulted in earnings before taxes of 1.3 million euros. Net income after taxes also amounted to 1.3 million euros and was thus above the planned budget figure albeit 0.2 million euros below the previous year’s result.

The dpa Management Board and the Supervisory Board propose to the shareholders’ meeting that the net income for the year of 1.258,485.64 euros, with the profit carried forward as of 01/01/2019 of 1.398,731.08 euros, be added to the balance sheet profit of 2.657,216.72 euros and be carried forward to new account.

In addition to its core activities, dpa operates a large number of associated business areas and new business fields organized as independent, wholly-owned subsidiaries. Owing to the chosen structure, dpa’s results are highly dependent on the economic development and the profit contributions of the affiliated subsidiaries and other holdings, which are generally subject to profit and loss transfer agreements. In 2019, they once again generated high net incomes for the year and made a total contribution to earnings of 15.3 million euros, an all-time high.

Within the framework of the existing profit and loss transfer agreement, news aktuell GmbH contributed the largest sum to the success of the dpa group with 7.3 million euros. The significant increase in the annual result was greatly influenced by the growth of the two business lines, ots and Zimpel.

dpa Picture-Alliance GmbH succeeded in 2019 in keeping both revenues and earnings stable and achieved a net profit of 2.5 million euros. As in the previous year, positive effects from the sales and technical realignment of the company played a role in this while increased revenues from rights prosecution also contributed significantly to the good result.

The photo agency Zentralbild GmbH was able to maintain the previous year’s result almost exactly to the euro and again closed the year with a contribution to earnings of 0.1 million euros.

With a reported profit of 0.6 million euros in the previous year, Global Media Services was integrated into dpa-infocom GmbH by way of a merger effective from January 1, 2019. It has thus ceased to exist as an independent company.

Influenced by this merger and the resulting synergy effects, but mainly caused by above-average increase in sales of its own product innovations, dpa-infocom GmbH was able to increase its total operating performance to 13.6 million euros and achieve a new benchmark with an annual profit of 2.9 million euros.